Air Hockey Table Installation & Assembly

Air hockey was invented in the late 1960s, far later than basketball or the basketball hoop.

Brunswick Billiards employees began creating a game that used frictionless surfaces, but eventually abandoned it. A few years later it was picked up by Lemieux who decided to create a version of ice hockey. Utilizing a thin disc (puck) and two mallets, opponents would attempt to get the puck into the opponent’s slit-like goal. The game immediately became popular and was a financial success. Tournament play began in the mid 1970s in the US, and today there even professional air hockey players.

Here are a few air hockey rules.
  1. To determine who gets the first possession, toss a coin.
  2. The first person to 7 points wins.
  3. If the opponent doesn’t hit the puck within 7 seconds of it crossing the center line into his or her territory, a foul is committed and loss of possession occurs.
  4. Using the mallet on top of the puck to stop it is also a foul and loss of possession.
  5. Loss of possession also occurs if anything other than a mallet touches the puck.
  6. If the puck is topped with anything other than the mallet when it is on a clear path into the goal, the opponent gets a free shot.
  7. Hitting the puck when it is on the opponent’s side of the center line and/or crossing the center line completely with the mallet is a loss of possession.
  8. If the puck leaves the table, it’s a loss of possession.
As you can see, the rules for air hockey are far less complex than those for basketball, and certainly far less complex than proper basketball hoop installation.

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