Basketball Hoop Installation

Thanks to all those 8am meetings that began with glazed donuts and ended with higher cholesterol levels, management realized we had to do something to improve health in our workplace. Out of this, our Basketball Assembly was born - a 30 minute lunchtime exercise program disguised as play.

We encouraged employees to break their 60 minute lunch into two parts – 30 minutes of healthy eating, and 30 minutes of basketball hoop fun. To get things started, we had a contest for employees to come up with ideas for nontraditional games that could be played with our new hoop assembly. The contest had only 2 rules – the games had to be short enough to play in a 30 minute time frame, and they had to be something simple enough that almost anyone could participate at their own level.

We were surprised at the number of entries we received, and most importantly, we found that employees were eager to enjoy our Basketball Hoop Assembly as an option for health. Even better, we soon saw that it had also served purposes we hadn’t considered, such as team-building and office morale. Not only had we begun to improve the physical health of our employees, but mental health as well!

Not every company has the luxury of a basketball court on-site, but the focus doesn’t have to be basketball. You could have a lunchtime Book Assembly or even a Treadmill Assembly. The concept is simple, but the encouraging results speak for themselves.

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