Commercial Fitness Equipment Installation & Assembly

Starting a fitness center or gym can be an enormous task. If you require a basketball hoop installation you'd also need to allot the extra space.When it comes time to purchase fitness equipment, you might be tempted to go with less expensive home gym options. While commercial fitness equipment can be much more costly than home gym equipment, there are very good reasons for the price differences.

Fitness equipment is one of the largest expenses in the start up of your gym, so you’re going to want to do research to make smart decisions about the needs of your clients and your available gym space to find the right equipment. The best gyms have equipment in proportion to gym layout and customer demand. Customers want adequate space to use equipment as well as diversity in types of workouts they can engage in. You’ll likely want a combination of weight training equipment and cardio equipment. Weight training equipment includes free weights and cardio includes treadmills, stair climbers, rowing machines and bikes. You’ll attract more clients if you have diverse workout equipment.

Commercial fitness equipment is more costly than home fitness equipment for several reasons. It might be tempting to opt for the less expensive home fitness equipment rather than pay commercial prices, but you’ll quickly discover that maintenance costs for the cheaper equipment add up and make them far more costly in the long run. Home fitness equipment is designed for much less use than commercial equipment. For example, a home treadmill might be used for an hour or two a day four to five days a week. A treadmill in a 24 hour gym could be used 20 hours in a day for seven days a week. That’s a big difference in wear and tear.

Another aspect to consider is that home gym equipment is generally designed for lower weights than commercial equipment. If you opt for the home equipment, your gym won’t be able to serve larger clients. This will mean fewer members, a poor reputation, and possibly a legal entanglement if someone is injured on equipment that is inadequate. If a machine breaks or fails to operate normally and causes an injury, your good name and reputation are on the line.

Commercial Fitness Equipment Assembly - Part 2

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