Foosball Table Installation & Assembly

Foosball has become a popular game in American culture. We’ve seen it in movies and popular television shows and there are many foosball installations in progress. Some call it a game; others say it’s a sport. It’s a combination of game table football and soccer, and it’s easy to learn and easy to play, which makes it a popular choice for families and game rooms alike. Foosball is played in pubs, bars, workplaces, homes and schools, and there are several how-to books written to guide those who want to learn it.

Professional players, player’s associations and a large number of foosball tournaments and competitions are evidence of how seriously some have taken to foosball not only as entertainment but as a significant part of their lives. Even if you’re not quite up to tournament play, foosball can be an enjoyable pass time that your whole family will love.

All you do to play is maneuver four rods to control your 13 players, trying to get the ball into the opponent’s goal, all the while keeping your opponent from accomplishing the same. A game of foosball generally goes to five points – 1 point per goal, and a match is either 3 or 5 games.

A coin is flipped so see who gets the first serve. The team last scored on gets to serve after a goal. No spinning is allowed, there’s no moving the table, no unsportsmanlike commenting or actions, and no distracting your opponents. You get 10 seconds to shoot. It’s a dead ball if it flies off the table or stops out of reach of any player. Dead balls are usually re-served by the person who originally served that point.

Installing a foosball table isn't a difficult process for Eagle Assembly, as is our basketball hoop installation.

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