Furniture Installation & Assembly

Don’t be afraid to add some extra support to your unit, similar to the strength for a basketball hoop installation. You can use heavy duty glue for reinforcement. In hidden areas underneath or behind the unit you can add an extra screw or nail to give a little more support.

Just remember to drill a hole first so you don’t crack your board with the added hardware. Keep in mind that tightening hardware too much can damage it by cracking it or causing chunks of particle wood to fall out.

On the other hand, the unit won’t be square and level if hardware isn’t tightened enough. It’s a fine line sometimes trying to find the happy medium. Don’t tighten the hardware all the way until you have put the furniture together completely. You can then go back and tighten them all at once.

One advantage of living with the technology of today is that many furniture brands are offering new formats for instruction. Some come with DVDs to aid with assembly, and many have videos on their website or on to assist consumers with the more difficult steps.

If you are struggling to complete a step, check out the possible online help that might come with the product. Consider consulting a basketball hoop installation expert.

Remember to have patience, and don’t start this project if you are rushed for time or distracted by the millions of other tasks on your to-do list. Though most furniture is not too complicated to put together, you might find it easy for your mind to wander to other areas.

It’s not uncommon for it to take a half day or longer to get a piece of furniture assembled. Stay focused and commit yourself to the project at hand.

Furniture Assembly - Part 3

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