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The next step is to decide where you will assemble the unit. If you enjoy sports consider positioning it near a basketball hoop installation. Ideally you should assemble it in the room in which you will be placing it. If space does not permit, you can find another area but check measurements so you can be sure that the completed piece will fit through any doorways or stairwells you must pass through to move it from one location to the other.

Also prepare the area where you are assembling the unit by putting down newspaper or a blanket to protect your floor as well as the materials you are putting together.

The next step consists of taking an inventory of all the items in the package. This includes hardware and any smaller pieces that might be missing. Your instructions should list the parts, often labeled with letters, and show a diagram of hardware including screws, nails and possible tools such as an Allen wrench. It’s essential that you don’t skip this step. Use the same precaution with a basketball hoop installation.

Most instructions ask you to call a hotline if any pieces are missing, which might mean you have to wait for them to ship you a replacement piece. Also ensure that all pieces are in good condition. If any materials are damaged from shipping or other causes, you will want to get replacements before beginning assembly. Also look at the list of tools required and find any tools necessary that are not included in the kit.

Once you know you have all the components, sort them. Lay the pieces out in the order that you will need them. Separate the nails, screws and any other hardware putting them in individual piles. You will want to put shorter nails in a separate pile from longer ones, and the same with any other parts.

This will prevent you from using the wrong piece at the wrong time. It also speeds up assembly because you’re not picking through a pile of hardware trying to find the last piece. It also shows you if you are missing any.

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