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It’s not at all uncommon to buy furniture or fitness equipment, such as a basketball hoop installation that will require assembly at home. Assembly required can be scary words for furniture consumers. Sometimes assembly consists of nothing more than sliding a few pieces together, but it can also require power tools and performance of impossible body contortions.

We’ve all had problems following complicated diagrams or wondering where the leftover hardware belongs. Here are some guidelines to make the assembly process easier and ensure that your new piece is beautiful once it’s put together.

First of all, find a buddy to help. Someone familiar with basketball hoop installation would have all the necessary skills. Assembly goes much easier with an extra set of hands. The instructions may not require two people, but it never hurts to have someone assisting you in holding pieces together while you install the hardware.

It’s also helpful to have a second set of eyes overlook the instructions and voice concerns when they arise. This prevents oversights from causing huge problems in later steps.

Before going any further, read the instructions. This seems obvious, but many people think that basketball hoop installation is self-explanatory and an hour later are on the phone to the product hotline raging about their problems with assembly.

Prevent this frustration by reading the instructions completely through at least once before you even get started. It will save you time and tears later. This will also allow you to make sure the instructions you received are indeed for the model you purchased. It's also good advice to borrow these methods for basketball hoop installation.

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