Gazebo Installation & Assembly

Gazebos are a perfect place for your kids to play. Toss in some pillows, toys and a few friends and your kids can occupy themselves for hours. Set up an easel or small table for coloring, play-doh and painting. The beauty of the gazebo as a play area is that you can hose it down later to clean up the mess – perfect for arts and crafts projects that get messy! Or, let the kids camp out in the gazebo with sleeping bags and flashlights. You’ll enjoy knowing where the kids are and you can peek in on them from time to time.

Turn your gazebo into a studio for your favorite hobby. Use your gazebo as your workspace for scrapbooking, sketching, writing, painting or even meditation and yoga. This will create a sacred place just for you, and it will put you in a mindset where creativity will flow.

A gazebo is the perfect place to share morning coffee with a friend or a glass of wine after dinner. Strings of lights can make a magical ambiance that is perfect for entertaining a small number of guests. Screened in gazebos are a perfect retreat from evening bugs. Some gazebos even have a built in table where families can gather for a BBQ or a couple can have a nice evening meal together. Bring out board games or cards for additional family fun.

Maybe you just need a quiet place to read, or perhaps you have a bigger vision your gazebo. With hundreds of shapes, sizes, colors and designs, you can make a gazebo into your dream space.

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