Gym Set Installation & Assembly

Putting together a gym set? A few things need your consideration before you begin assembly. How much time do you have? Do you have the right tools? Will you have the items delivered or will you pick them up?

If you are assembling a prefabricated gym set, the pieces will be cut out for you. Everything else is up to you and your tools. It’s likely that the manufacturer will claim that the set can be easily assembled in a weekend, but if you aren’t accustomed to constructing similar items, you’ll want to plan some extra time into your schedule.

You can consider having the gym set components delivered to your home if that is an option, but this can be expensive, so calculate costs before making that decision. The decision of whether to have the set delivered or pick it up yourself will depend on whether you have the ability to transport the gym set pieces yourself. The gym set will come in several boxes. You will need a large vehicle with plenty of room; the family van or traditional 4-door SUV will not be sufficient. You can also opt to have the store send out someone to assemble the gym set for you. The cost for this varies widely based on the store, the home location and the size of the gym set.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions exactly as written or diagrammed. This seems obvious, but it’s not uncommon to want to skip a step or to think you know a better way. However, most assembly instructions are written by professionals or at least someone with experience putting the item together. They likely have a few tips that will make the process more seamless.

Before you begin assembling even one piece, inventory your entire purchase. Ensure that every precut piece is included, along with any specialized hardware that could be difficult to replace if not included in the kit.

Finally, ask a friend to help you, and have that friend assist you in leveling the ground where you will place the assembled gym set. This step will make all the difference in how your equipment goes together and how durable and accessible it is.

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