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Another area that deserves your attention is the warranty. Has the company been around long? Will they still be around in five years when you need a repair or servicing? Contact the companies whom you think you’d like to purchase from, and ask them some questions. Evaluate the way they treat you over the phone or in person. Do you feel like you matter to them? What is their policy on service and repairs? Will it be easy to get a replacement part or repair, or is the process complicated and a hassle? These are important things to note before you need to use the warranty.

It will be important to measure and measure again the space you have for your home fitness equipment. Are you putting it in a spacious basement or garage, or are you trying to squeeze it into an already full room? You will want plenty of room in which to exercise so you aren’t damaging property or possessions, or hurting yourself! While you may think you’ve got the space laid out in your mind, you’ll lose perspective when looking at lots of equipment in a warehouse or store.

Who will be using your home gym? If the equipment will be used by heavier people, you’ll want to look for products that can accommodate plus sizes. Is the equipment easily adjustable for persons of different heights or strengths if more than one person will be utilizing it?

Factor in any difficulties you might face – hip or knee injuries, weak joints, etc. While it’s possible to accommodate lots of different needs, overlooking this aspect can render your equipment useless. If you have small children at home, look for equipment with built in safety precautions that make it difficult for children to turn on equipment and thus prevents injuries.

It’s also important to note fitness goals of those involved. If strength training is desired, you’ll be looking into different equipment than you would if your workouts were cardio centered. This will also impact the level of technology you want included with your machines. Do you want software that can download information to track your progress and goals? Do you want a built in TV or MP3 player? All of these options and more will be available to you.

Home fitness equipment should not be an impulse purchase. Careful thought and consideration will give you the perfect home gym for your unique situation

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