Pool Table Installation & Assembly

You’ll want a good warranty on your pool table that allows for repairs. Ensure that the warranty includes service to the table if it becomes unlevel or suffers damages. Obviously, it makes far more sense for the repair company to make house calls than for you to try to load up a pool table and take it in for repairs, so know what you’ll be shelling out for the company to visit your home if anything goes wrong. You’ll probably want the table leveled two to three times as it settles into its new home.

You’ll get to determine what color of table top you want, as well as the type of fabric it’s made from. Blues and greens are common because they allow for easier sighting, but you can get a table in any color to match your home décor. Keep in mind that some colors show stains more than others, and that chalk can also stain certain felts. Before choosing the type of fabric, consider who will be using the pool table – kids or adults? How much wear and tear will your table get? Will it be used daily, or is it for family and friends to play at occasional parties or holidays?

You’ll have more considerations when it comes to fabrication of the table itself. Woods and metals are most common, and within those categories are sub-categories, such as solid wood, plywood or pressed wood. The better quality product you pay for, the longer you will reap the rewards of your pool table. Cost will mostly be determined by the materials used in construction and where it was made. Well-built tables will last your lifetime and longer. A pool table is an investment that can pay off for generations. By making informed and thoughtful decisions, your pool table will become a favorite place for your friends and family to gather for playful competition and years of enjoyment.

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