Pool Table Assembly and Installation

Once you decide to buy a pool table, you’ll want to put some thought into the types of tables that will suit your family and will fit within the space you have for it. The right pool table will be an asset to your home and a perfect way to bring your family and friends together, but it takes a little planning to ensure the right fit.

Pool tables come in several sizes, but you’ll likely want to consider an 8 foot table. This table is four feet across and eight feet in length. Smaller tables will require skilled shooting to get to balls that are grouped tightly together, and larger ones will make long-shots extremely difficult. You’ll need room enough for the table itself, but also for players to use cue sticks, too. It’s common to allow for about six feet of room, minimum. For those of you worried about regulation sizes, pool tables are regulation as long as their length is twice the width.

Consider which room in your house will best accommodate a pool table. If it is going in a basement or downstairs, you will want to make sure the table you purchase comes apart. Pool tables on average weigh half a ton – 1,000 pounds. You’ll want to make sure that it is placed in a location where it can stay for a long time, because you won’t want to move it around.

A good repair warranty is essential. Ensure that the warranty includes service to the table if it becomes unlevel or suffers damages. Obviously, it makes far more sense for the repair company to make house calls than for you to try to load up a pool table and take it in for repairs, so know what you’ll be shelling out for the company to visit your home if anything goes wrong.

You’ll have lots of decisions to make when it comes to the looks of your table. You’ll get to decide on the color and materials of the top and you’ll have even more considerations when it comes to fabrication of the table itself. Woods and metals are most common, and within those categories are sub-categories, such as solid wood, plywood or pressed wood. The better quality product you pay for, the longer you will reap the rewards of your pool table. Cost will mostly be determined by the materials used in construction and where it was made.

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