Swing Set Installation & Assembly

Safety is a major concern when adding a children’s playset to your property, but you will also consider cost, the space you have for a play area, the materials you want it made of, as well as the time you have to invest in its assembly. Careful consideration and research is needed to discover which playset is right for your family.

You won’t compromise safety for lower cost, but you will be watchful of the amount you are spending. Playset costs can soar over $5000, but that isn’t where most parents want to invest their money. It is possible to find well-constructed playsets at reasonable prices allowing for safety first but also being mindful of your checkbook. Basic model playsets are around $1200 - $1500, depending on the level of customization desired, and are available at major retailers including Lowe’s, Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Toys R Us and Home Depot.

Technology gives the added advantage of allowing you to read buyer reviews online. Parent reviews tell you how well-made materials are, the actual time required for construction and quality of other advertised features from a buyer’s perspective. User reviews can be useful sources of unbiased information, but keep in mind that not all offer concrete feedback. Some user complaints may be a result of not following instructions or not knowing exactly what they were getting in the first place. In these cases, user reviews are useless, because their information is based on problems created themselves, not on those that show up across the board. However, if you notice a common theme – say a certain part that doesn’t go together as it should, or a piece that seems to be missing time and time again – pay heed. If multiple people are making the same complaint, it’s likely a valid point.

Swing Set Assembly - Part 2

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