Treadmill Installation & Assembly

Strength + Cardio: Want to work on your arms while you hit the treadmill? Use 2-5 pound weights to do bicep curls and shoulder presses. For the curl, contract your bicep to lift the weight upward to the point where further movement isn’t possible. Keep your elbow next to your body during this motion to keep stress on the bicep. The bicep is then extended by lowering the weight back to the starting position. The contraction and extension together are one rep. For the shoulder press, keep palms facing forward with dumbbells at shoulder height and then lift them overhead and return them to the starting position. Do ten reps of each. Short Bursts: If you have a TV in front of your treadmill, use the commercial breaks during a typical 30 minute television program to give yourself short bursts of speed. When your show comes back on, return to your regular pace.

Looking for a good workout and people with interests similar to yours? Find or start a Treadmill Assembly – a group of like-minded people who share an interest in fitness and a hobby. Whether it’s a love for fashion or a fascination with diabetic cooking, you can find a group of people to meet with regularly to discuss your common interests while completing your treadmill workout. Perhaps you want to practice your French while you jog, or maybe you’d like to discuss the best-selling novel you read as you prepare for your next 5k. Treadmill Assemblies allow you to work out while developing friendships, sharing your passions and perhaps even finding new ones.

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